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What's in a Name?

I found naming my business similar to naming my children. I went through a whole lot of crazy before stumbling across something that worked.

My husband and friends can attest to my razor sharp focus on THE PERFECT NAME, as I pestered them for months with emails, texts and phone calls. It would go something like this…

This exchange would go on until my sister-in-law would politely remind me she had two kids who were not interested in watching their mom text all Sunday. And so, I would bother someone else!

When I began designing this collection two years ago, I was super into the Bar Method. Or was it Pure Barre? Who knows, but suffice to say I was a bar-based workout devotee and convinced that "tucking" was a sure path to an amazing butt and abs.

While my rock-hard butt and washboard abs never materialized my bar obsession did inspire my very first stab at a name: Hip + Tuck. I was so certain I'd found the PERFECT NAME, I bought a website, made a logo and gushed to confidantes about why it just worked.

Me: "Because it sits on the *hips* and you *tuck* at the waist for an amazing silhouette."

Jen: "Sounds good. Gotta run."

Only one problem – I failed to Google my name before jumping on the bandwagon. When I finally got around to it, my search results were filled with grotesque images of tummy tuck surgeries. Definitely not what I was going for in terms of brand identity.

I decided to table the name for a bit and focus exclusively on design. But every so often I'd indulge in a fun brainstorming session in the hopes something would stick.

One day I was trying to explain my design concept to a friend who didn't understand what made my T-shirts different. I was telling her about the unique taper of the shirts when it hit me: Tapered! Why not just call it what it is. Simple, straightforward and slightly '80s (in a good way).

This time I Googled Tapered Collection before snatching up the domain. My search results revealed a smattering of makeup brushes, furniture, a funky looking lightbulb—all images I could live with. It was clear this time I had found THE PERFECT NAME (again).

Designing my logo was the easy part as I knew exactly what I wanted: a modern clean font, with a long ā symbol to clarify the pronunciation. The heart on the end reflects my ethos: Work well; love hard.  You can view the collection here.



  • Astrid Glass

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