• New Styles For Fall…And a Design Miss.
  • Astrid Glass

New Styles For Fall…And a Design Miss.


I’m really excited about the two new styles for the fall season – both with a winterizing long sleeve. While the Three Quarter Tee is our number #1 top seller, I do think there is a place for a basic long sleeve tee, especially as the temperatures go down. Last winter, I would inevitably layer my Three Quarter Tees with a cardigan or sweater, because it was so cold in my house that I needed more coverage! So, when designing the long sleeve tees I made sure the sleeves were long enough to stay cozy.

So, what are these new tees all about?! Well, I sampled 4 styles and decided to go with 2 after trying them on myself -- and anyone else who would agree to model them for me!

The first style is a basic long sleeve tee: the Long Sleeve Crewneck. It is NO FRILLS and made in our traditional soft Supima cotton. The sleeves are “true sleeve,” which means that they start at the shoulder rather than the dropped dolman style of our signature Three Quarter Tees. As such, they fit more snuggly around the shoulders and bust – and do not create the more generous blouse look of the Three Quarter Tee. Having said that, they are definitely still tapered! But they’re slimmer, as I imagine most women will want to wear this tee as a base. This tee also works great for wearing alone because of the substantial fabric. It is truly designed to be your workhorse. Layer it, go to weekend markets in it, put it under a blazer. Enough said.

The second style is based off a customer request: the Long Sleeve Henley. I had a customer contact me and send me a photo her FAVORITE TEE EVER. She explained why she loved it so much, and so I did my best to try and recreate it, with a tapered twist. The Henley also has a true sleeve, similar to our new Crewneck. What makes it unique is that it has a fantastic neckline split that is only 3 inches deep. It’s interesting, but not sexy. Casual, but not basic. This tee is great for women who shy away from v-neck tees because they are too revealing, yet would like to add some depth to their necklines. Like the Crewneck, the Henley is tapered at the bottom for a flattering fit.

As a side note, I DID sample my Three Quarter Tee style in long sleeves, and well, to be honest, it just didn’t work out as well. The dolman style, with the extra volume in the bust, looks amazing with a bracelet length sleeve. But when I paired it with a longer, tighter sleeve to the wrist, the proportion felt wrong. I will go back to the drawing board to see if I can get this style right for next Fall.

And so, I’m thinking about Spring and of course, next Fall! If you have favorites you would like to see, let me know! Perhaps your favorite tee from the past can become a Tapered Collection tee of the future!

  • Astrid Glass

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