If you can believe it, this month we did our 6th Tapered Collection Photoshoot!  We had a chance to shoot Late Fall 2017 in our photographers house and yard.  It was the perfect fall day, crisp, windy, and bright.  Leaves were just falling from the trees and it felt like we had a taste of the good stuff.  Now, writing this, its 80 degrees again and we are all dying without air-conditioning!  But, we know that in a week, it will be back to the 60's and we will be looking forward to fall wardrobes.

We had two new styles to shoot for Late Fall 2017:  The Long Sleeve Crewneck and the Long Sleeve Henley.  Both available in Navy, White and Black.  In addition, we brought in a local tween to model the Stripe Collection in XS.  We found these tees were a great fit for young tween and teen girls!  

So, here's how the day unfolded!

Here is our young model, our photographer, the girl's mom, and our model Michelle, all working together for an "action shot"!  Notice yard filled with balls and toys - when your photographer is also a mom and dog mom!!!


Michelle and her mini-me!  So cute to shoot these two together.  Don't the stripes look great on her?

Using the driveway to get some shots of the Long Sleeve Crewneck.  Every time a car would drive by we would have to reshoot...

You know we love dogs in our shots.  Here is our photographers older dog, Major!  They also have a puppy, Winston, who was a little TOO excited to get in the photos.  Here Michelle is showing off the Long Sleeve Crewneck in White.

Inside the house for a couple of formal shots.  A goodie from last year - the Three Quarter V-Neck!  This is such a hot-seller I wanted some updated photos.  

Last but not least, the product shots.  This is how we shoot everything for the "shopping cart" page.  Notice: NO clips, tape or safety pins.  We shoot it like she wears it.  If it doesn't look good on Michelle, well, then, it shouldn't be sold!  

This shot we barely used accessories, and focused instead on layers.  That's what fall is all about!  


A huge thank you to Keirnan Klosek of KCK Photography, Michelle McHugh of Maggie Agency, and our young tween model.  I'm so grateful to have such a great team and friends who can help out to make Tapered Collection a reality.


Behind the scenes of our first-ever shoot, we are moving ahead and learning each step of the way.