For Spring 2017, we did something a little different for our product photography.  Before, we have always gone on location with a model.  This year, we wanted to try to keep it simple - static white background and let the clothes stand out.  

Another change?  REAL WOMEN to integrate into the shoot.  We started the day with our fabulous model, Michelle McHugh, and ended the day with seven lovely ladies who agreed to take part in our first IRL (in real life) model shoot!

As usual, we began early - 8am!  I dropped the kids at school and Violet the dog at daycare and within minutes we transformed a room in my house (we'll call it the playroom/sleepover room/old furniture dumping room) into a home studio.  Keirnan brought a HUGE white screen, professional lighting, and Abby and I contributed racks full of clothing to shoot.  Like true professionals, we decided we needed to borrow a fan from a neighbor to create that wind-blown look (we never figured out how to use it however...)!  And, the best part of working inside my own home - I got to wear my "home slippers" all day.  Keirnan, also brought hers so we were matching and cozy.

Here are some outtakes from our shoot.


As per our last shoot, we start with the product page photography so that we don't forget to do the basics!  Then, our first look of the day.  Here Michelle has on the Mid Sleeve Scoop tee and we showed it by itself, and layered under a lightweight linen tee.  

We went through all the looks quickly, as we had limited time before I had a houseful of women!  This look, below, gave us SUCH trouble.  We tried the Granite Tee with another set of pants and we couldn't figure out why it looked so terrible.  Finally, we realized, the crotch of the pants was truly humongous.  It was a large, white, crotch which completely through the look off.  We all got a huge laugh out of this look, and finally changed the pants and felt a sense of relief!  The "smaller crotch" pants did the trick!  Note to self, the whole mom jeans look is great, but done in white, it really can accentuate areas that might not need a call out.  

We literally tried on a hundred accessories with the look above, before realizing that the pants were the issue.

Here is the final outtake of the "hardest look of the day".  I literally think we spent a 1/2 hour to get here.

When we finally shot all the Spring looks, we decided to go back and shoot a couple of the Three Quarter Tee with a spring look.  This one below, is a new favorite.  The high waisted denim with the White Three Quarter Tee tucked in, was amazing.

And that was a mid-morning wrap!  We had some lunch, and then our IRL models arrived!  Below are some out-takes from the shoot - not too many as we wanted to respect the privacy of the women during their sessions!  

Keirnan working with Ariel to showcase our Mid Sleeve Scoop tee and her Ariel scarves!

My dear friend Hadley shared her outfit ideas with me, and then arrived and was a true professional!  She got stuck changing in Cate's room, as I felt like she was the only one I knew well enough to see what was behind closed doors to a kids room!

Our selfie next to my "cow".  Hadley modeled the Three Quarter Tee in granite and the Tapered V-Neck in Midnight.

Amanda Light of Prim and Propah (boston based blog) arrived with THE COOLEST hair color I've ever seen, and her newborn son who was an angel.

Here is her rocking the Mid Sleeve Scoop tee like a BOSS.

Last shoot we did, we showcased dogs from around the neighborhood.  This shoot, we showcased real women, and their lives.  I can't wait to share the final project with you!  They were such an amazing, confident, beautiful group of women and I am so thrilled they agreed to shoot for Tapered Collection.  How cool is that? 

A huge thank you to Keirnan Klosek of KCK Photography, Michelle McHugh of Maggie Agency, and Abby Greene.  It's been a year shooting with this team, and it gets better each time.  And another round of thanks to Tara West, Mackenzie Lee, Ariel Hansen, Hadley Douglas, Whitney Sowles, Sara Abbott, and Amanda Light for coming over to my house on a Friday and sharing your style and grace with us.  I'm so grateful to have such a great team and friends who can help out to make Tapered Collection a reality.


Behind the scenes of our first-ever shoot, we are moving ahead and learning each step of the way.