Come behind the scenes of our Fall/Winter shoot (which took place in 80 degree heat!):


We were so excited to use my friends house in the South End in Boston to stage our shoot.  The day started off with a thunderstorm, and ended in 80 degrees and puffy clouds.  Thank goodness, as we had planned a 100% outdoor shoot!  We used the streets, stoops, neighborhood kids, dogs, you name it.  At one point there was a man canvassing the neighborhood for votes, and I thought about using him in the shoot too.  But, that would be weird?  

As usual, my kids had fun participating and had some ideas of their own regarding hair and accessories.  The shoot was great, and ended with a family dinner at Giacommo in the South End.  Here are some outtakes from Abby Greene, Tapered Collection Intern, who captured the day with a great eye.  

 The Dress!

We started the shoot with Michelle showing off the new Tapered Dolman Dress.  It fit her perfectly and we styled it a variety of ways to show how versatile this style is.  

Long & Short

Then, I put on the dress and we did a shot of us together, to show how it would look on someone who is 5'9 (sadly not me), and someone who is 5'4 (that would be me).  Here I look like I'm sizing her up...but let's face it, she's got me by 5 inches!  I made this dress purposely longer so that women could wear it long if they are short, or hem it to their liking, and taller women wouldn't be left out.

kids in window

When Keirnan, our photographer, wanted to get a photo of me we found that the children got a little animated.  See crazy photo-bomb kids in the window over my shoulder.  

from the top

Let's just say that I'm glad I got my roots colored before Abby took this photo!  We were prepping Michelle for the vest look and trying to keep her cool in the heat.


kids in jeep

My husband claimed he was watching the kids....I think not.  They kept popping up everywhere.  I guess I can't blame him - it was a Sunday and football was on the television.

Riley the dog

We kept seeing the CUTEST dogs passing by on the street.  This one, Riley, was kind enough to make a cameo appearance at 10 weeks old.  He was so sweet and kept laying down on Michelle's lap.

snack time

And we ended up feeding the kids a snack too.

white tee

In the park, we did a casual scene with a white tee and jeans.  Here I am pulling down the shirt and pretending to be useful.  Michelle makes everything look great, so really I'm just doing small adjustments for the film.  Unlike  photo shoots for other brands, I don't believe in pinning the clothes for photos.  If it doesn't look good on a model...well enough said.


My boys took a break from the park to get into a Patriots photo with Michelle.  And guess what, they won!  Good luck all around this Sunday!!!   A huge thank you to Keirnan Klosek of KCK Photography, Michelle McHugh of Maggie Agency, Abby Greene, the Lee Family, and M.Flynn Jewelry in the South End for providing their services and wares.  I'm so grateful to have such a great team and friends who can help out to make Tapered Collection a reality.


Behind the scenes of our first-ever shoot, we are moving ahead and learning each step of the way.